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Team Leaders - Live Well UT - University of Tampa - Tampa, FL

Team Leaders


Gina Firth

Assistant Vice President of Wellness

Addie Carothers - Live Well UT - University of Tampa - Tampa, FL

Addie Carothers

Director of Wellness


Tiffany Nelson

Wellness Coordinator

Abigail Pertkiewicz.jpg

Abby Pertkiewicz

Staff Coordinator II

Paige McHenry.jpeg

Paige McHenry

Live Well Student Coordinator

Cassidy Healy.jpg

Cassidy Healy

Marketing Co-Coordinator

Krystal Sanchez.jpeg

Krystal Sanchez

Marketing Co-Coordinator

Nola Myers.jpg

Nola Myers

Graphic Design Co-Coordinator

Niko Stradford.jpg

Niko Stradford

Graphic Design Co-Coordinator

My T Nguyen.jpg

My T Nguyen

Graphic Design Co-Coordinator

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