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Financial Wellness Organization - Live Well UT - University of Tampa - Tampa, FL

UT Personal Finance Club

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Financial Wellness Initiative - Live Well UT - University of Tampa - Tampa, FL


The UT Personal Finance Club has two sections: Education and Career. This organization caters to both divisions to bring the best experience possible. We aim to create a tight-knit community for students of all backgrounds to become more confident with their finances!

UT PFC is here to help reduce students’ stress about money and help guide them toward long-term success. Students of all majors are encouraged to join, and we believe everybody can benefit from membership! We hold bi-weekly meetings and host various events and activities throughout the semester. While many students may not feel anxious about money today, it never hurts to be prepared ahead of time! A few examples of the subjects we cover include: 

  • Fundamentals of budgeting

  • Tips on paying off student loans

  • Strategies to save money

  • Learning to invest

Outside of the Personal Finance Club, there is no existing community on campus promoting the professional growth of students interested in financial planning/advising and wealth management careers. We exist to help eager students learn more about the opportunities within this field and encourage collaboration and fellowship among like-minded individuals. A few benefits of membership include:

  • Industry-specific leadership opportunities

  • Career presentations from experienced professionals

  • Wealth management networking events

  • Participation in competitive activities

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